IPBG2S6000HV - Intellect-LiHV Battery 6000mAh-120C-7.6V

IPBG2S6000HV - Intellect-LiHV Battery 6000mAh-120C-7.6V

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Intellect-LiHV Battery 6000mAh-120C-7.6V

New Silicon-Graphene series of LiHV batteries for 2017. Silicon Graphene packs have improved cycle time when charged at 1C rates and can be charged at higher C rating, with less risk of damage to the pack. LIHV technology have the ability to be charged to 4.35v per cell, but normal racing regulations allows up to 4.2v so LIHV are much safer.

- BRCA / EFRA / ROAR approved (BRCA from April 2017)
- Improved IR, when you compare with 2016 SHV's;
- Improved for voltage performance @4.2V charging cutoff, exceeding the SHV's.
- New 120C Spec


25.0 x 44.7 x 95.8 mm





5mm Plugs

Connectors and balance lead supplied.